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Facebook Group

a7xRaven77, Jan 19, 12 11:45 PM.
Hey all,

I have added a group on Facebook if anyone wants to join.  Its a brand new group so things will get added soon.


ICC 10 man run help!

drnomn, Jan 19, 12 4:31 PM.
Hey all, I have been out looking for ways to make Saturdays 10 man ICC run a success.  I hope that the rest of ICC is easier to get through than the Lich King battle so I have focused on that specific one...  The first resource I suggest using is reviewing the attacks and strats put out here which gives a great overview of the fight.  There were many "I don't know why I was knocked off" or in my case why the ground was suddenly gone from below my feet issues.  I also suggest watching a video on youtube (or wherever) of a full ICC 10 man raid.  The gentle dps, , one is one that I liked because it has some additional notes in it, but I'm sure there are many you can see.  This will give a great idea of set up and how and when things occur.  Obviously the dps should change the time it takes but the stages are still the same. 

First, keep in mind, the real issues related to this fight are that the things that would kill an 80 will likely kill an 85.  For example, falling off the edge will kill either.  This includes a trap explosion, standing on the ground that falls or the angel drop.  So watch the videos and read the information to know the fight.


a7xRaven77, Sep 7, 11 2:12 PM.
Added some videos to the forums and images to the gallery.

Feel free to add some of your own :)
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